Lucky 15/31/63 Offers: Where to Get the Best One Winner & All Correct Bonuses

The Lucky 15, 31 and 63 bets are some of the most popular wagers, especially when it comes to horse racing. The concept is that each bet type is made up of a multitude of different bets, that include singles and every combination of multiple bet from double and upwards.

A Lucky 15 has four selections and is made up of 15 bets. A Lucky 31 has five selections and is made up of 31 bets and a Lucky 63 has six selections and has 63 bets in total. The more selections you have, the more chances you have for a return, but then the number of bets is increased so your stake will also increase as you add selections.

Here we’ll explain briefly how these bets work along with how the two most popular offers on these bets – the one winner bonus and the all winner bonuses – are calculated.

Lucky 15, 31 and 63 Offers For Today

The number of offers is actually fairly limited in number but the promotions that are available are longstanding promotions available each day and are not limited to the bigger events.

One Winner and All Winner Bonuses

Betfred offer both a one winner bonus on Lucky 15s, Lucky 31s and Lucky 63s and an all winner bonus on these bets plus Yankees, Canadians and Heinz bets. This is available on both horse racing and greyhound racing.

  • One Winner Bonuses
    • Lucky 15 – 3x Odds
    • Lucky 31 – 4x Odds
    • Lucky 63 – 5x Odds
  • All Winner Bonuses
    • Lucky 15 & Yankee – 10%
    • Lucky 31 & Canadian – 20%
    • Lucky 63 & Heinz – 25%

This will apply to horse racing and greyhound bets only. Other sports and virtual racing are not included. All Selection must run for bonuses to apply. Bets placed with free bets are excluded. Bonus are applied to winnings and not the bet stake. 18+, T&Cs apply.


Common Rules & Terms

Both the one winner and all winner promotions don’t tend to come with too many stipulations but here are the key points to look out for.

  • Bonuses Paid on Winnings Only – By this we mean that these bonuses will only apply to the winnings and not the stake. So, for one winner your odds are multiplied to the original stake and the all winner bonuses are just calculated on the winnings and not the total return which would include your stake
  • Sports and Markets – These offers normally apply to win bets and the win part of each way bets on horse racing and greyhound racing but may include virtual racing and other sports
  • Cash Bets Only – As with most ongoing promotions, your bet will need to be placed with cash funds to qualify. If your bet is placed with a free bet or existing bonus, they will not be eligable
  • No Non-Runners – The final key point to make is that all your selections must run for these offers to be valid, i.e. you cannot have any non-runners. For an all winner bonus, not all your selections have won if you have a non-runner. For a one winner bonus, a non-runner means that you essentially already have double odds if you have only one winner as the double with the non runner and the winner will be settled as an additional single

What is a Lucky 15, Lucky 31 and Lucky 63?

Betfred Lucky 15 Betting Screenshot

These bets, know as ‘Lucky’ bets are actually a number of other bets packaged together. The numbers 15, 31 and 63 refer to the total number of bets involved, a Lucky 15, for example, is made up from 15 separate bets. They were created for the purpose of simplicity so you can place all 15 bets (or 31 or 63) in one go.

The bets involved are every combination of the selections picked in multiple bets plus single bets on those selections. As you cover all possibilities these bets are known as full cover bets. More selections mean more possible multiple and single bets so more bets in total.

Of these, the Lucky 15 has the fewest number of selections with four. A Lucky 31 has five selections, whilst a Lucky 63 has six selections. The table below shows the break down of bets for a Lucky 15, a Lucky 31 and a Lucky 63.

Lucky 15/31/63s Compared

Lucky 51 Lucky 31 Lucky 63
Selections 4 5 6
Singles 4 5 6
Doubles 6 10 15
Trebles 4 10 20
4-Folds 1 5 15
5-Folds 1 6
6-Folds 1
Total Bets 15 31 63

As you can see, more selections means more singles and more combinations of multiple bets. When placing a bet on a Lucky 15, Lucky 31 or Lucky 63 your stake will be multiplied by the total number of bets to calculate the overall cost of the bet. A £1 win Lucky 15 will cost £15 in total. A £1 win Lucky 31 will cost £31, and a £1 win Lucky 63 will cost a total of £63.

As these bets contain singles, you only need one selection to win to gain a return. This winner may not be enough to cover the cost of the entire bet but that will depend on the odds returned.

Winning Combinations

With Lucky bets, the more winning selections you can get, the more winning combinations you will have. The chart below shows how the number of winning lines increases with the number of winning selections.

Chart That Shows the Number of Winning Combinations in Lucky 15, 31 and 63 Bets

Can You Bet Each Way?

Yes, you can bet on Lucky 15s, 31s and 63s either win or each way. This will double the total outlay so a £1 each way Lucky 15 will cost £30 in total, a £1 each way Lucky 31 would cost £62, and a £1 each way Lucky 63 would cost £126. For a return on each way bets, the minimum you would need is one placed selection.

How Does a ‘One Winner’ Bonus Work?

This offer can be triggered when you have placed a Lucky 15, Lucky 31 or a Lucky 63 and only one of your 4, 5 or 6 selections wins but the others lose. Usually, you would only get paid on that one single bet, but with this promotion, the odds on that selection are multiplied to give you a better payout than you would have otherwise had.

Some bookmakers will offer a flat double or treble odds for one winner across all Lucky bets whilst others will have larger multiples as the bet size increases i.e. a Lucky 15 could get three times the odds for one winner, a Lucky 31 could get four times the odds for one winner, and a Lucky 63 could get five times the odds for one winner.

Examples of One Winner Bonuses

The offer of multiplied odds on a Lucky bet if you had just one winner is fairly straight forward but to give some examples for how this changes the odds of the winner you could have, we have a table below with various examples.

Examples of Multiplied Odds

Odds 2x 3x 4x 5x
1/2 Evens 6/4 2/1 5/2
Evens 2/1 3/1 4/1 5/1
6/4 3/1 9/2 6/1 15/2
2/1 4/1 6/1 8/1 10/1
3/1 6/1 9/1 12/1 15/1
4/1 8/1 12/1 16/1 20/1
5/1 10/1 15/1 20/1 25/1
10/1 20/1 30/1 40/1 50/1

How Does an ‘All Winners’ Bonus Work?

The flip side to the ‘One Winner’ offer above is if you manage to have an absolute stormer and get all of your selections correct. The All Correct Bonus will actually reward for you this even more so than your original payout.

The bonus is normally an added percentage to your original winnings. These bonuses also increase with the number of selections in your bet, with typical values on offer shown below.

  • 10% bonus on Lucky 15 bets with four winners
  • 20% bonus on Lucky 31 bets with five winners
  • 25% bonus on Lucky 63 bets with six winners

Examples of All Winner Bonuses

For an example we’ve taken all the winners through the card at Kempton on Boxing Day in 2021. Our Lucky 15 will be the first four races, our Lucky 31 will be the first five races, and the Lucky 63 will contain all six races.

Kempton Winners – 26th December 2021

Race Winner (Odds) Lucky 15 Lucky 31 Lucky 63
1 Broomfield Burg (1/3)
2 Jacamar (11/1)
3 Bravemansgame (6/5)
4 Epatante (4/5)
5 Tornado Flyer (28/1)
6 Marie’s Rock (15/2)

The potential returns on these bets are shown below, along with the bonus value if we had a 10% bonus on the Lucky 15, a 20% bonus on the Lucky 31 and a 25% bonus on the Lucky 63. Our stake level is £1 per unit and we have placed a win bet as opposed to an each way bet so the Lucky 15 would cost £15, the Lucky 31 would cost £31, and the Lucky 63 would cost £63.

Bonus Lucky 15/31/63 Returns

Lucky 15 Lucky 31 Lucky 63
Stake £15 £31 £63
Winnings £255.79 £8121.60 £76,717.01
Bonus % 10% 20% 25%
Bonus Value £25.58 £1624.32 £19,179.25
Total Returns £296.37 £9,776.92 £95,959.26

Do Yankees, Canadians and Heinz Bets Apply?

Yankees, Canadians and Heinz bets are essentially Lucky 15, 31 and 63 bets that don’t include the 4, 5 or 6 single bets from each selection, just doubles and upwards. As a result, they cannot be valid for a one winner bonus but they may well be eligible for an all winner bonus, just like with the Lucky bets. Generally bookmakers with this promotion will extend these bonuses to Yankees, Canadians and Heinz bets.