Accumulator Bonuses – Get Bonus Winnings On Your Acca

In our previous accumulator article we covered acca insurance where you got money back if your bet loses by only one leg. But if you’re more of an optimist there is an alternative type of promotion you’ll want to look at – acca bonuses. Here instead of money back when you lose you’ll receive bonus winnings on top of your normal returns when every leg wins.

For obvious reasons you’ll probably never finding a bookie who offers both acca insurance and accumulator bonuses on the same bet, so you’ll need to pick which type of offer suits you better.

All Sports

Many offers are limited to specific bets or markets, but we’ll kick things off with the promotions that have no restrictions on the sport or bet.

Acca Boosts - up to 100% Bonus

Compared to other bookies, there are very few restrictions on what can be in your accumulator for 10bet's offer. In fact, the main exclusions are no ante post betting on horse racing, and no cash out or wagers that have been placed with free bets. Pretty much everything else is fair game - any sport, any bet, any event - so long as you meet the minimum odds of 1/2 (1.5).

Bonuses start at 5% for trebles, jumping to 20% for a six-fold and increasing incrementally all the way up 100% for a 15-fold or more bet. There is a cap on how much you can receive from this offer, but seeing as it's pretty decent £5k that shouldn't be too much of a concern - especially as the bonus is given as cash rather than free bets.

Applies to successful pre-match acca bets of 3+ selections and System bets of 4+ selections; min odds of 1/2 per selection; cashed out bets or bets placed with a free bet aren’t eligible; max cash bonus: £5,000; bonus % depends on bet type; Terms apply. 18+ #ad


Acca Winnings Boosts up to 50%

Place a pre-match acca on a wide range of football markets and your bet wins, you could get a bonus of up to 50%, paid in cash. In addition, if just one leg loses you could get a cash refund up to £10. To qualify, bets must have at least 5 legs, each at odds of 1/2 or greater. The percentage that accumulators are boosted increases with the number of legs in you bet as is shown below.

  • 2.5% Bonus for bets with 5 Legs
  • 10% Bonus for bets with 6 Legs
  • 15% Bonus for bets with 7 Legs
  • 20% Bonus for bets with 8 Legs
  • 25% Bonus for bets with 9 Legs
  • 30% Bonus for bets with 10 Legs
  • 40% Bonus for bets with 11 Legs
  • 50% Bonus for bets with 12+ Legs
New and existing customers. Minimum 5 legs, minimum odds 1/2 per leg. Applies to pre-match bets on Match Result, Both Teams to Score, Match Result & Both Teams to Score, Half-Time/Full-Time, Total Goals Over/Under, Match Result & Total Goals Over/Under, Correct Score, Double Chance and 1st Half Over/Under. Bets placed on coupons are excluded. Free bets, boosts, cashed out bets, perm bets or bets where there are less than 5 legs for any reason are ineligible. T&Cs apply, 18+. #ad
English Football Acca Bonus

Opt-in via the 'OFFERS' tab and place a pre-match acca with 5 selections or more with games from the Premier League, EFL Championship, League One and League Two and if your bet wins, you could get a cash bonus of up to 40%. This is available once per week, minimum odds of 2/1 apply.

  • 5 selections - 10% bonus
  • 6 selections - 15% bonus
  • 7 selections - 20% bonus
  • 8 selections - 25% bonus
  • 9 selections - 30% bonus
  • 10 selections - 40% bonus
Opt-in must be completed by 23:59 on the Sunday of each week. Accas must be placed and settled within the same week (Mon - Sun). Minimum 5 selections, minimum odds 2/1. Pre-match bets only. Max extra winnings capped at £500. Enhanced odds, boosts and specials are excluded. Free bet stakes and cashed out bets are ineligible. T&Cs apply, 18+. #ad
Multiples Boosted up to 15%

Profits on pre-match football trebles, 4-folds and 5-folds+ could be boosted with up to £1,000 in additional winnings. This profit boosts will be available once per customer each week and can be selected from the betting slip when there are qualifying selections.

For the boost to become available, each selection must have odds of at least 1/5 (1.20). The maximum stake allowed to be boosted is £20. The percentage boosts are as follows:

Bet Percentage Boost
Treble 5%
4-Fold 10%
5-Fold+ 15%
Cashed out bets will not count and bets must be placed with cash balances. 18+, T&Cs apply. #ad

Common Rules & Terms

There isn’t too much to worry about with these offers in terms of rules and so long as you’ve placed the bet solely on approved markets then you should be fine. Having said that, we should still cover the basics just in case:

  • Eligble Bets – To be eligible for these offers your entire acca must be made up of legs from approved markets. So if you’re using a football bonus you can’t have five legs from the Premier League and then one horse race.
  • Minimum Odds – Some bookies may have minimum odds on either the individual legs (eg: must be 1.10 or more) or on the acca as a whole (eg: 3/1). You could, in theory, see both at the same time – such as minimum odds per leg and a minimum overall – but we’ve not come across it so far.
  • Maximum Payout – All acca bonuses will have a maximum payout, unless the bookie wants to risk paying a multi-million pound payout. So make sure your acca falls within the bonus limits.
  • Number of Legs – The bonuses are paid based on the number of winning legs. So if you place a 6-fold which wins with one leg that has been made void, it will settle as a winning 5-fold and you’ll receive the bonus for five legs not six.

How Do Acca Bonuses Work?

Hipster Man Celebrating Big Win

Whilst acca insurance gives you something back when you’re accumulator misses the mark, accumulator bonuses do the opposite and pay out additional winnings on successful accumulator bets – so this is one for the optimists. It has even been known for a betting site to offer both in conjunction with each other as well, although that’s relatively uncommon.

The best thing about the whole concept is that accumulator bets are already going to pay out fairly large sums for a relatively small initial outlay. This means that even a 10% bonus on your winning could prove extremely lucrative and provides punters with a massive incentive to use bookmakers who do promote this offer.

How Big Are the Bonuses?

The concept of the bonus will depend on how many selection you have in your accumulator bet. For example, you might see an offer something along the lines of a small token 5% bonus on accumulator bets of 3 or more. This number will continue to rise as you add more selections – i.e. 10% for 4, 20% for 6, 50% for 9 working right through to 100% for 14+ selections.

Number of Legs Bonus
1 No Bonus
2 No Bonus
3 5%
4 10%
5 15%
6 20%
7 30%
8 40%
9 50%
10 60%
11 70%
12 80%
13 90%
14 100%

Basically, the more selections that you have in your accumulator bet, the higher the bonus will be.

Note – the above is a fictional offer that does not relate to any specific bookmaker. For current offers see the list at the top of the page.

Make Sure Your Bet Counts

As with all bet types there are certain rules that will apply to your bets. The rules listed below are fairly common practice for most bookmakers, but may vary slightly in regards to the fine print. As ever, if you are unsure we highly recommend that you check with your bookmaker prior to betting.

The first thing to look out for are the markets or leagues that you can claim a bonus with. For example, you may be limited to the Full Time Result or Result and Both Teams To Score markets for games from selected leagues (such as the English Premier League, Italian Serie A, Spanish Primera Liga, German Bundesliga 1 or UEFA Champions League). Having said that, there will be bookmakers who offer these bonuses to all accumulator bets and it’s these – whilst few and far between – who you really want to look out for.

As with acca insurance, all of the legs of your acca need to meet the qualifying criteria as the inclusion of one non-eligible line will make the whole acca ineligible regardless of how many valid lines you do include.

How Many Games?

Next up is the number of games that will qualify. The majority of bookmakers will start from 3 games and up, but you may find some that require 4, 5 or even more to start your bonus so don’t just assume you’ll get it on a treble without reading the terms.

Acca Bonus By Number of Legs

The number of legs will also work in correlation with the percentage of bonus that you can claim. The lower the number of selections, the lower the bonus will be. Most will start from around 5% and work their way. The upper end will likely get you a 100% match, but there are some that will offer an even higher percentage than this, with the highest we have ever come across was 200%.

Be Careful With Cashout

Cash out bets will not be able to claim a bonus from your accumulator bet. For example, you can’t simply place a 10-fold bet, cash it out for a small loss and claim a 100% bonus on that bet even if it would have gone on to win.

Partial cash out is a little different and many bookmakers that offer partial cash out may allow you to claim a bonus on any part of the bet that hasn’t been cashed out. What will happen here is that they will recalculate the price for that bet and the returns, paying out accordingly to their specific terms and conditions.

Original Winnings Cashed Out Bonus @ 50%
£100 £0 £50
£100 £50 £25
£100 £100 £0

Void Bets

Postponed or void bets from your accumulator will still apply to your bonus. All that will happen is that the bet will be removed from your acca and then the bonus applied to remaining selections. Then as the number of selections decreases, so will your bonus.

As a quick example, let’s say you place a 10-fold acca that pays out a bonus of 60% for this bet. One of your selections is void, so that bet is removed, moving you down to a 9-fold, where the percentage of bonus is paid out as 50% instead.

You can see in table below how void legs would affect various bets, with the final example removing the bonus entirely:

Number of Legs Acca Bonus Void Legs Remaining Legs New Acca Bonus
10 60% 0 10 60%
10 60% 1 9 50%
10 60% 2 8 40%
5 15% 1 4 10%
5 15% 2 3 5%
5 15% 3 2 None

Payout & Bonus Limits

Finally, most bookmakers will cap the amount that can be claimed as a bonus. The amount is usually fairly sizeable and bigger bookmakers could approach six figures or more (eg: £100k+) but smaller bookmakers often have a much lower appetite for risk and caps that reflect this.

It’s also important to pay attention to payout limits in general as these will not only affect your bonus but also your main payout. Many betting sites limit the amount you can win from an accumulator. For accas that solely include popular bets from high profile matches these limits should be quite high but the inclusion of a single obscure line can slash your limits.

Once the limit has been reached you cannot win any more, regardless of what the odds say. So if you have £100 on at 1000/1 you stand to win £100,000. However, if the limit is £75,000 then your payout would be capped at this amount and you would forfeit the remaining £25,000.


Here are a couple of examples to help illustrate how the bonus works.

Small Bonus Treble

For our first example we’ll go for a simple three leg treble which is the minimum most bookies will add a bonus to. The offer we’re claiming here pays out at 5% on successful accas.

  1. Barnsley @ 2.37
  2. Blackburn @ 2.45
  3. Brighton @ 1.65

The total odds are 9.58 and we have £10 riding on it, which means a win will pay out £95.80. The bonus of 5% is on the winnings comes in at £4.79 which means your total return is £100.59.

  • Normal Win: £95.80
  • Acca Bonus @ 5%: £4.79
  • Total Win: £100.59

Giant Eight-Fold Acca

In this next example we are going to place a much bigger bet on upcoming football league fixtures. It’s a sizeable 8-fold accumulator that the bookmaker is paying at 60% bonus on which reads as the following:

  1. Barnsley @ 2.37
  2. Blackburn @ 2.45
  3. Brighton @ 1.65
  4. Derby @1.75
  5. Newcastle @ 1.53
  6. Norwich @ 1.33
  7. QPR @ 2.25
  8. Wigan @ 2.00

The odds for this accumulator bet are 153.52. We place £10 on it and it wins, paying out £1,535.20. The bonus then pays out an additional 60% of your winnings, which equals £921.12, creating total return of £2,456.32.

  • Normal Win: £1,535.20
  • Acca Bonus @ 60% £921.12
  • Total Win: £2,456.32